Nick, his niece Chelsea, and Zeus, the pesty treetop parrot

‘Sculptures and Candlesticks’

Greetings, I’m an artist based in Bloomington, Indiana. I tried various mediums over the years before focusing on Metalwork as a career. The sculptures and candlesticks displayed here represent my personal feelings about function, reusability, and fascination with form. I hope that they help to illustrate the hidden beauty of our industrial heritage as well. I’m truly inspired by the fantastic shapes of strange desert plants, and also by the almost infinite variety of patterns displayed across time by evolution and culture. These creative expressions have been enabled by access to technologies that are most often taken for granted- electricity (welding and metallurgy), architecture, basic principles of engineering, and a general understanding of natural processes. I was also lucky to be born into a country rich in scrap metal! The candlesticks should last for generations, most of them have moving parts, and they will play secret tricks with light and shadow as they burn down to crown.

With sincere thanks for your interest in my work,

Nicholas M. Mcgill
PO Box 3325
Bloomington, IN



Gallery Review by Marc Salak

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